Samsung Transparent Truck

Tech giant Samsung has announced its plans to enter the motor industry in a very unique way. The company are currently developing a technology that will enable large trucks to essentially become… well transparent!


We all know driving behind a truck (or as we here in Europe like to call them lorries) can be a bit of a nightmare, not only do they drive slower (and rightly so) but they can also be very difficult to over take because of the many risks involved. Samsung have come up with a solution which will help reduce these difficulties.

They call it the ‘Safety Truck’ and it is a very simple and effective idea. It involves placing a front facing camera on the truck, which captures the road ahead, this is then transmitted to an exterior LCD screen which is mounted on the rear of the truck, allowing whoever is behind the truck to see an uncompressed vision of the road ahead. It is available both day and night and has the potential to greatly reduce the number of accidents from drivers over taking blindly.

The system has already been tested in Argentina and with a largely positive results according to the electronic manufacture. Samsung are planning further testing which is to be done on motorways and are hoping to include the relevant road authorities in these tests.

Samsung have not made any announcement on when we can expect the system to be available or how much the system will cost.

To see the Transparent Truck in action, click on the below.