40% of drivers admit to parking on double yellow lines!

A recent survey has found that 40% of Irish drivers admit to parking on double yellow lines.. These are a cheeky bunch! parking_tcm13-3877 The study was conducted by our friends over at easytrip.ie and they discovered some interesting results. For example 29% of drivers admit to parking in prohibited loading bays, 16% in bus stops and 15% in bus lanes and clearway’s!

The study also asked people what their biggest driving pet peeves were; the majority of male drivers surveyed (82%) said that their biggest pet peeve was when drivers took up two parking spaces..(ugh!..us too guys) and 90% of female drivers said that what ticks them off the most is cars park too close to them!

Other annoying driver habits were:

  • Illegally parking in a disabled spot
  • Parking in family space, without a family!
  • Taking your space before you get a chance to drive into it!
  • Blocking the aisle when waiting for a space.

We would have to agree with all the these…very annoying indeed!

Another interesting discovery from the survey was the significant difference between male and female parking preference. More than half of males surveyed said that they preferred on street parking, this is compare to only 33% of female drivers. The remaining two thirds of females explained that they prefer multi-story car parks because they find them more convenient, they are less likely to be clamped, its cheaper and they find them safer & more secure.