Jaguar Mind Sense

Jaguar has announced that it is to test the use of brainwave sensors in the steering wheel and heart & respiratory sensors in the seats of its XJ Sedan. Together these sensors will be called Mind Sense and will detect weather the driver is alert or about to drift off.


In recent years we have seen more and more car manufactures embrace new technologies and Jaguar are no different. However the British car brand is the first to introduce NASA and medical-grade sensors such as these. The idea behind the introduction of technology such as these is to gather a better understanding of the drivers needs, when they are stress, tried or become distracted.  It is hoped that by know this information the car will be better prepare for accidents and in future autonomous cars, be able to take over at the most appropriate times.

Jaguar also announce that they are working on a new infotainment system which they say will help drivers focused on driving and keep their hands on the steering wheel. This is a very clever system which actually anticipates what control the driver is reaching for and while their hand is in mid air it activates the control so they can resume their two hand position on the wheel. Pretty clever right? It manages this by deploying a ultrasonic pulse which replicates the touch by without anything physically having to touch it.

Unfortunately Jaguar is currently only conducting user trials with theses technologies and there is no official word on when they will be available in production vehicles.