Ford Launches Go-Drive in London

Ford has launched a new car-sharing serivce in London called Go-Drive. The service is part of the motoring groups ongoing effort to explore smart mobility.

Ford Brings Dynamic Car-Sharing Experiment to London; First Serv

So how does it work? Well the system is very similar to that of the GoCar service we have here in Dublin. The Ford offering currently has 50 cars in 20 locations across London all of which are in busy or commuter areas. The scheme is currently in the testing phase with 2,000 people invited to test the service.

The cars available for Go-Drive are the Ford Focus Electric and the Fiesta EcoBoost. The service is a pay as you go service, with all costs included (even the London Congestion Charge), users can see the running cost via the convenient smartphone application. There service also offers a one way service and guaranteed parking on arrival.

Membership to the London based go-Drive is currently free and new members get £20 free credit to set them on their way. Ford are also testing similar car-sharing projects in Germany, India and America.

To see Ford’s Go-Drive in action check out the video below!