Fiat: Parking Billboard

Introducing the Fiat: Parking Billboard an interactive billboard that helps drivers park! The clever parking assistant is currently in use on the streets of Germany.


The purpose of Fiat: Parking Billboard is to showcase the parking software that is currently available in the Fiat 500 by using its parking sensors in a very clever way.  This is achieved by combining the parking sensors with an interactive billboard to help drivers park easier. But, how does it work? Well the sensors are synchronised with the billboard, which means that when a driver approaches a parking space the billboard can determine how close it is too other cars or the curb, it then communicates this to the driver via some parking helpers who are displayed on the interactive billboard. These helpers then direct the driver into the parking spot via some handy hand movements… which is pretty darn clever if you ask us!

The idea was the brain child of advertising company Leo Burnett, who explained that the creation of the Fiat: Parking Billboard has proved that car technology can be very entertaining and we agree!

Check out the Fiat: Parking Billboard below!