Plan suggests removing cars from Dublin City Centre

A new plan proposed by Dublin City Council has suggested some of the most radical changes to Dublin City Centre has ever seen.


The new plan call for private cars and taxis to be banded from certain area’s of Dublin City Centre and in turn the creation of wider footpaths, more cycle lanes and pedestrianised streets.

The streets which the study has suggested should be pedestrainised are Suffolk Street and St.Stephen’s Green which will link up with the already pedestrianised Grafton Street. It is suggests that College Green become public transport only, with no private cars or taxis allowed only Dublin Bus and The Luas permitted along with cyclist and pedestrians. To accommodate these changes Dublin City Council suggests widening the footpaths and introducing two way cycle lanes.

Other streets mentioned in the study are Westmoreland Street, Bachelor’s Walk, D’Olier Street and Georges Quay. Westmoreland Street would be reserved for public transport and local access only. Bachelors Walk would be closed entirely to private vehicles but would allow taxis and public transport. D’Olier Street would again be public transport only with local access available. And Finally George’s Quay would mirror Bachelors Walk and be closed to private cars, but would allow taxi’s and public transport.

The new plan was undertaken as part of a study to improve the transport corridors that currently exist between College Green and Parnell Square. The hope is to redirect traffic around the centre of the city, but still provided access for deliveriess and carparks. The study proposes a €150 million investment in improving Dublin City Centres public transport and cycling and pedestrian facilities. Some of the suggested plans are expected to come into effect as early as 2017 when the new cross city Luas line arrives, with the remaining being implemented by 2023.

If you would like to view the suggested plans, they will be available online on the Dublin City Council website from Thursday 11th of June & also on in the various city libraries.