A Car that won’t allow you to drink drive!

We all know how stupid it is too drink drive, however a vast number of us still do it. Well now thanks to new technology soon our car won’t let us. A new prototype system is currently being developed which has the ability to block drivers who are under the influence from driving.

DADSS The system is called the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety or DADSS for short. It was conceived through a joint venture with the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a number of leading motor industry representatives. All of whom came together to try and eliminate the number of death on the roads related to drink driving.

So how does it work? Well the system itself is very clever, it has two detection features; a breath based system and a touch based system. The breath system tests the driver as they breath normally, while the touch based system test the driver when they touch either the push start button or the cars gear stick. This testing method means that it is not necessary to rely on the driver to take a test, the car tests the driver without there knowledge and determines their ability to drive based on their blood alcohol. The system can measure the drivers blood alcohol level in less that one second.

The system can also be tailored to each driver, meaning that it can be programmed to have a lower acceptable measurement for teenagers than say adults, this feature means that parents can implement a zero tolerance when it come to their teenage children attempting to drink drive.

DADSS is the most impressive system we have come across in the fight against drink driving and although the system is not expected to be available for about another five years it will be sure to have a positive impact when it eventually hits the roads.

To see more about the car that won’t allow you to drive drunk, check out the video below.