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PARK(ing) Day Dublin

So its the 16th of September again and that only means on thing PARK(ing) Day. To celebrate PARK(ing) Day 2016 ParkYa has partnered with the Dublin PARK(ing) Day group to bring the cities a population a handy app to help them find the parking installations around the city.

The app displays the locations on a map view and when selected provide some details of each installation.

You can download the apps using the links below.

Parking Day - Details

Parking Day - Details


If you’d like to download ParkYa please use the links below.

Ford Launches Go-Drive in London

Ford has launched a new car-sharing serivce in London called Go-Drive. The service is part of the motoring groups ongoing effort to explore smart mobility.

Ford Brings Dynamic Car-Sharing Experiment to London; First Serv

So how does it work? Well the system is very similar to that of the GoCar service we have here in Dublin. The Ford offering currently has 50 cars in 20 locations across London all of which are in busy or commuter areas. The scheme is currently in the testing phase with 2,000 people invited to test the service.

The cars available for Go-Drive are the Ford Focus Electric and the Fiesta EcoBoost. The service is a pay as you go service, with all costs included (even the London Congestion Charge), users can see the running cost via the convenient smartphone application. There service also offers a one way service and guaranteed parking on arrival.

Membership to the London based go-Drive is currently free and new members get £20 free credit to set them on their way. Ford are also testing similar car-sharing projects in Germany, India and America.

To see Ford’s Go-Drive in action check out the video below!

Near-field communication could be coming to cars!

After the announcement last month that technology giant Apple had embraced near-field communication (NFC) via the introduction of Apple Pay, there have been strong signs that the automative industry is also embracing the technology.

In fact many of the leading car manufactures and companies are working on a way to allow drivers to use NFC to pair their smartphones to their car’s infotainment system. NXP Semiconductors are one such company working on the technology. The company are rumoured to be partnering with a number of automakers, although they are not revealing which ones just yet!

It is expected that through the use of NFC drivers will not only be able to pair their smartphones with the onboard infotainment system but the technology will also give the driver the ability to use their smartphones to unlock and even start their car, eliminating the need for keys with just a simple tap.. It is also suggested that the technology will be able to detect who is driving the car via their smartphone and adjust the seat and mirrors to suit. Now thats impressive!

Currently Apple only have the NFC technology available for their wallet service Apple Pay, but there has been talk of the company opening up this technology to third-party developers much like they did in recent months with the Touch ID technology available in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

NXP hope to have Near-field communication in car by 2016 so watch this space!

ParkYa Android Release

We are very happy to announce that Parkya V 1.0 for Android is now available!

The new app includes our new Quick Pay feature, which makes it easier than ever to pay for parking. We’ve also introduced new UI improvements including a sliding menu, which make navigating the app even simpler.



                    Are you still using the ParkYa Beta for Android? If so we would ask that you please download the new ParkYa app using the link provided as the Android Beta version will stop working shortly.

The ParkYa app won’t cost you a penny, so get downloading!get_android

We hope you enjoy the new app and as always if you have any question, please let us know!

Happy Parking!!

ParkYa Beta Program

We have been hard at work here at ParkYa HQ recently, developing a new version of our app. ParkYa 1.1 is due to hit the app store very soon, but in the meantime we would love to offer you the opportunity to take it for a test drive.. How do you get your hands on the app before everyone else?? I’m glad you asked! Its easy, all we ask is that you sign up below as one of our Beta testers. Once signed up we will send you a download link and away you go.. simple!

Please select which OS you use:

What is a Beta tester?.. Well to ensure ParkYa can provide the best parking solutions to its customers we rely on our community of users to provide us with their thoughts and feedback. So therefor before we release the latest version of our platform we test it with our users to ensure that your parking experience is at the highest standard.
App test 2

So what’s new with ParkYa… Well ParkYa 1.1 includes a number of improvements including:

  • Sliding Menu
  • Dedicated Sections for: Favourites, History Profile & About information.
  • Improved Layout of the Car Park section
  • Additional Parking Information
  • General Improvements & BUG Fixes

We hope you enjoy ParkYa 1.1. & be sure to let us know your thoughts, good or bad we can take it.. promise! Happy Parking!

San Francisco ban MonkeyParking

San Francisco has banned the use of the controversial parking application MonkeyParking. The MonkeyParking application enabled users to auction off public parking spaces that they are currently occupying for cash, once a buyer and fee is received the user then waits for them to arriver before exiting the spot.


The Rome based company saw an opportunity in San Francisco, due to the city’s huge parking issues and believed it to be the perfect place for an application like MonkeyParking. Unfortunately the authorities didn’t see it the same way and have actually stated that the use of the application is illegal given that it is illegal to auction of any public land or space in San Francisco.

A number of actions have been taken to stop the use of the application these include fines which will be issued to anyone caught using the application. The makers of the application have also been issued a cease and desist order and a request has been made to Apple to remove the application from the App store due to breach of local law.

MonkeyParking has insisted that they are providing a service to the public and that they should not be banned and have even suggested undergoing regulation. Two similar apps Sweetch and ParkModo have also been warned that they will also received similar cease and desist letters. However a city spokesperson has stated that applications which allow user to rent out private parking spots such as CARMAnation will not be effected by the ban.

As controversy continues to grow around applications such as Lyft and Uber, (remember the taxi protests in London last week) the outcome of this situation could have a interesting effect on the future use of all sharing based applications…


Google to release Apple CarPlay Rival?

Rumours are rife in the auto world that Google are poised to release a rival to the hotly anticipated CarPlay by Apple. It is expected that this announcement will take place later this month at Googles annual developer conference in Mountain View, California.


If you aren’t familiar with Apple CarPlay, its a new infotainment and communication system that has been designed by Apple and it is set to feature in a number of new cars due out later this year & next. The system allows the user to access most of the same features available on their iPhone and iPads. The system will also feature a wheel mounted button which will allow the user to communicate with Siri and send commands to the system. Siri will also be able to read out text messages and emails as well as driving instructions.

The Google system is rumoured to be slightly different that the above mentioned Apple CarPlay. It is suggested that the Google version will not be an embedded infotainment system, instead it will be a ‘projected’ system meaning the system would be able to connect to any Android smartphone via the car’s controls, accessing its content & applications and displaying it on the cars own display.

Google are rumoured to be in development with Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai. While Apple announced earlier this year that CarPlay will be available in cars from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

Google and Apple are the makers of the two most used smartphone operating system in the world so it is not surprising that they would compete with each other in this way. However what is surprising is that so many automakers seem happy to scrape their own systems despite the years of development and cost involved. However there are advantages to using the Apple or Google system including having access to a community of developers who can continuously develop new and exciting applications. This is a major advantage to automakers as perviously this was not possible with their custom built systems.

The Google announcement is expected next week.. so watch this space!

Parkex 2014

ParkYa are very excited to be heading off to the Parkex 2014 exhibition in London tomorrow. Parkex is Europe’s largest dedicated parking exhibition, it will run from the 10th to the 11th of June and we will be there!parkex-2014

The exhibition showcases the best on offer in the world parking, including access control, payment solutions, parking management and the latest software. ParkYa are delighted to be involved and look forward to sharing our application with everyone.

Don’t know about ParkYa, well let us tell you. ParkYa is a mobile parking application for iOS and Android. The ParkYa application allows users to find parking, pay directly through their smartphone and set useful reminders which allow users to top up quickly and easily.

ParkYa also works with parking operators. With the ParkYa application parking operators can reach a greater number of drivers providing them with an opportunity to showcase their parking locations and availability. By using ParkYa and our enforcement application operators can avoid unnecessary application development costs and with tiered pricing there is a package suitable for all size parking operators. We also offers a white label solution which can provide companies with their own branded application.

For more on ParkYa check out the website or drop us a tweet!

Volvo’s Sneak Peek at Apple CarPlay

Volvo are the first company to offer a sneak peek at what we can all expect from Apple’s new infotainment and communication system CarPlay. interface-icons-apps-iphone-ipad-5-apple-car-play-volvo-touch-screen-infotainment-system-music.jpg&maxW=630

Volvo are one of a number of companies joining forces with the tech giants to implement the new iOS CarPlay technology. The technology will feature most of the same exact features available on the iPhone and iPad, including Siri and Apple Maps navigation.

Apple CarPlay will be controlled via a touchscreen display on the dashboard, but will also include a wheel mounted button for safety purposes, which will allow the user to speak to the system and send commands via the iOS voice recognition software. This will allow users to answer the phone and send & receive text messages all through the voice command. Apple CarPlay will also feature external applications such as Spotify, as well as the familiar Apple ones.

The first car to have Apple CarPlay will be the 2015 Volvo XC90, which will debut later this year. Other Volvo models that are due for redesign over the next few years are also expected to have Apple CarPlay. If Volvo is not your style, don’t worry CarPlay is expected to available in a number of different car manufactures including Honda and Mercedes-Benz in the not to distant future.

See CarPlay in action below..

Apple CarPlay

Apple have finally announced details of their long awaited CarPlay. The hotly anticipated technology allows drivers to access a number of their iPhone applications through the built in display. Apple CarPlay enables the driver to make phone calls, get directions, send and receive text messages all without even taking their hands off the wheel.


CarPlay is actually integrated into the car so it is designed to work with the cars controls. The key feature to CarPlay is Apple’s Siri voice control, which is activated through a button on the cars steering wheel. The iOS feature will allow you to communicate with the your device without taking your eyes off the road. Siri can answer phone calls, set directions, read and compose message.20140304-010228.jpg

The display will allow access to a number of applications, including Apple maps enabling turn by turn directions navigation, live traffic conditions and estimated travel time. Other applications included are Apples Music app and Spotify. Apple have stated that more CarPlay compatible apps will be announced soon.20140304-010217.jpg

CarPlay will be available in 2014 from the following manufactures, Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. More are also on the way with Apple announcing commitments with BMW, Land Rover, Ford, and Toyota to name a few.

Apple CarPlay will be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. Apple will reveal CarPlay later this week at the Geneva Motor Show. As of yet no release date has been announced but watch this space… and if you were thinking of buying a new car maybe think again!