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PARK(ing) Day Dublin

So its the 16th of September again and that only means on thing PARK(ing) Day. To celebrate PARK(ing) Day 2016 ParkYa has partnered with the Dublin PARK(ing) Day group to bring the cities a population a handy app to help them find the parking installations around the city.

The app displays the locations on a map view and when selected provide some details of each installation.

You can download the apps using the links below.

Parking Day - Details

Parking Day - Details


If you’d like to download ParkYa please use the links below.

Introducing the ALEX eRoadster

Irish company Swift Composite Prototypes have announce they are about to enter the electric car market with the ALEX eRoadster. 


In recent years it has become more and more apparent that the future of the motor industry will largely be based on electric vehicles, we have seen this through the growth in popularity of hybrid cars and the impressive rise of electrical cars companies such as Tesla who have experienced huge growth in only a few short years. It is this popularity and growth that has allowed Swift Composite too confidently enter the electric car market.

The ALEX eRoadster is expected to be an affordable electric car option, with the company hoping it will only cost consumers around €30,000. The company also hope to have a prototype ready as early as mid 2016, with full production beginning in late 2016. 

The design itself will take inspiration from the Lotus 7 and will include some impressive features such as solar roof panels which will offer an additional power boost and scissor doors & roof. The car itself will be made from carbon fibre which will help keep it as light as possible and in turn allowing the best possible range. The company believe that by making the car from carbon fibre they can make it up to 30% lighter than the average car, but it will actually be stronger and safer as a result.

To find out more about the ALEX eRoadster check out Swift Composite Prototypes website!

Plan suggests removing cars from Dublin City Centre

A new plan proposed by Dublin City Council has suggested some of the most radical changes to Dublin City Centre has ever seen.


The new plan call for private cars and taxis to be banded from certain area’s of Dublin City Centre and in turn the creation of wider footpaths, more cycle lanes and pedestrianised streets.

The streets which the study has suggested should be pedestrainised are Suffolk Street and St.Stephen’s Green which will link up with the already pedestrianised Grafton Street. It is suggests that College Green become public transport only, with no private cars or taxis allowed only Dublin Bus and The Luas permitted along with cyclist and pedestrians. To accommodate these changes Dublin City Council suggests widening the footpaths and introducing two way cycle lanes.

Other streets mentioned in the study are Westmoreland Street, Bachelor’s Walk, D’Olier Street and Georges Quay. Westmoreland Street would be reserved for public transport and local access only. Bachelors Walk would be closed entirely to private vehicles but would allow taxis and public transport. D’Olier Street would again be public transport only with local access available. And Finally George’s Quay would mirror Bachelors Walk and be closed to private cars, but would allow taxi’s and public transport.

The new plan was undertaken as part of a study to improve the transport corridors that currently exist between College Green and Parnell Square. The hope is to redirect traffic around the centre of the city, but still provided access for deliveriess and carparks. The study proposes a €150 million investment in improving Dublin City Centres public transport and cycling and pedestrian facilities. Some of the suggested plans are expected to come into effect as early as 2017 when the new cross city Luas line arrives, with the remaining being implemented by 2023.

If you would like to view the suggested plans, they will be available online on the Dublin City Council website from Thursday 11th of June & also on in the various city libraries.

The Hitch-Hiking Knights


If you happen to be traveling around the Clare or Galway area today and you see two hitch-hiking knights don’t worry you aren’t going mad! Behind the armour is Brendan and Jack, two members of Medieval Combate Ireland who are trying to raise money to enable them to compete in the IMCF World Championships in Poland next month.

The guys are looking for both sponsorship and an actual lift. They are aiming to hitchhike from Waterville in Kerry to the site of the 1504 Battel of Knockdown, in County Galway. So far they have had great success from the very kind people of Ireland, with the two arriving in Ennis last night and on route to Galway today.

You can follow their story on twitter or Facebook and if you happen to be in the area be sure to help a knight out :)

Best of Luck Guys! 

Call for stricter penalties for cycle lane parking

Concerns have been raised by a number of cycling groups after recent Garda figures revealed that only three fines a week are imposed for cycle lane violations. The figures which were revealed by the Garda Press Office show that 144 tickets were issued in 2014 for cycle lane offences, these fines are issued under two categories;

  • Failure to comply with traffic signs.
  • Prohibited driving in a cycle lane.

Both of these offence come with a €60 fine and one penalty point.

According to the cycling groups the relatively low figures display the lack of detection and enforcement for these offences. They argue that although the government are continuing to encourage and promote cycling in the country they are not enforcing the laws which are established to protect the cyclist, such as the dedicated cycle lane system. Because of this the groups are calling on the Transport Minister to change an existing law which allows drivers to park in cycle lanes for up to 30 mins if they are delivering goods, they say this law creates a loophole for drivers and it needs to be rectified to enable further enforcement.

The enforcement of cycle lane violations is predominately done by the Garda, although some county councils such as Cork have enabled their traffic wardens to issue tickets regarding cycle lanes violations.

What are your thoughts on cycle lane parking, let us know by taking our poll below!

Ireland is second in Europe for commuting by Car!

A new report compiled by the European Commissions public opinion department has discovered that Ireland is second in Europe for commuting by Car! According to the report Irish people are the second most likely of all Europeans to commute by car. The report ranks only Cyprus above Ireland in the poll.


The report found that 85% of Cypriot’s said that the car was their preferred transport of choice when commuting to work, while in Ireland 73% of people polled said they would usually commute by car.

The results of the poll put Ireland significantly ahead of many other EU countries including the UK which surprisingly only had 57% in favour of the car. The lowest EU country polled in the report was Hungary, which must have a very reliable and impressive public transport system as it only polled 33%.

The report went on to further discover that the decisive factor behind these decisions was speed & convenience and not cost, as many would have originally thought.

The announcement of this report is further good news for the motor industry, following last weeks news that parking revenue continues to remain steady across the country. The government and the related city councils recorded healthy returns in relation to parking charges in 2014, with the five major City Councils (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford) collecting over €45.57 million in parking fines, fees and charges.

Unsurprisingly most of that money came from Dublin, with the Dublin City Council collecting €29.3 million. Out of that 29.3 million, it’s reported that €10 million was required to run the cities parking management service and €6.1 million was paid to parking enforcement. The remainder of the money is due to go back into the council funds.


ParkYa nominated in the Net Visionary & Blog Awards!

Team ParkYa is very proud to announce that we have been Nominated for Best Mobile Service or App for Fast Moving People at this years IIA Dot i.e. Net Visionary awards.

We have also been nominated for Best Newcomer Blog & Best Mobile Compatible Blog.

We should find out the results later this month, so have your fingers crossed for us!


Net Visionary Awards Shortlisted Badges-Best Mobile Service or App for Fast Moving People (B2C)

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N-Plates for Novice Drivers come into force tomorrow..

The ‘Novice’ driving category will come into effect from tomorrow August 1st, there will also be an increase in the number of penalty points which can be imposed on drivers for a number of different offences.


Points are going to increase from two to three for a number of offences including speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt and failure too use child restraints. However if drivers don’t pay the accompanying fine points increase further to four or five upon conviction.

The novice driver category will also come into effect on Friday. This means that drivers who have passed their driving test on or after the 1st of August will be deemed a novice driver and will be required to have “N” plates on their vehicle for the next two years. Under the new legislation Novice drivers will be disqualified from driving for six months if they reach seven penalty points, as opposed to the current 12. The seven points limit will also apply for future learner drivers, who received their permit on or after August 1st. Failure to display “N” plates will result in €60 fine.

Drivers who are currently within the first two years of driving with a full licence will not be required to use “N” plates or be subject to the seven penally point limit.


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Tesla Model S UK & Ireland Launch

The long wait is over, the Tesla Model S is now available in the UK & Ireland a full two years after it was first released in the US. The electric sports car was unveiled at a launch last week in London.


The launch of the Tesla Model S marks the car firms first ever venture into the left hand car market.  The Tesla Model S is the follow up to the Tesla Roadster considered the first electric sports car. Its sleek design resembles a stylish saloon car which quickly dispels any notions that this car is anything like the traditional small electric cars we have become accustom to seeing in recent years.

The Tesla company has been incredibly successful in the US and the rest of the world despite a few hiccups along the way. This success has largely been down to the infrastructure that is in place for these electric vehicles. In the US Tesla have developed and introduced a network of supercharge stations. These stations can not only charge the battery but fast, topping them up with enough charge for 170 miles in as little as 30 minutes. Tesla already have a number of these stations throughout Europe and plans to expand this further into the UK & Ireland. They estimate they will have the London & the south completed within three months, with the rest of England completed in six months and the remaining UK and Ireland within eighteen months.

The Tesla Model S is a direct rival of other luxury car brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. The car is awash with luxury features such as complete touchscreen controls (think giant iPad) and even has heated windscreen wipers. Its fast too doing 0-60mph in a seriously impressive 4.2 seconds!


The catch.. well its not cheap. Prices are expected to start at around €62,000 and climb to around €85,000. But considering you’ll never have to buy fuel again maybe its not that bad after all..

Ennis offers free parking to eco-friendly cars!

Ennis in Co.Clare has become the first town to offer free parking for eco-friendly cars. The new bylaws were accepted this week by Ennis town council allowing electric and hydrogen powered vehicles free parking at two town car parks.


The first of its kind in Ireland, the new venture sees Ennis town council anticipate the need to provide an added incentive for people thinking of buying electric vehicles. Under the scheme electric and hydrogen vehicles will be able to park for free in the Abbey Street and Glor car parks. The town will also have the necessary charge points need for electric vehicles at these car parks.

Eco friendly vehicles are becoming more and more popular, with new models being announced every month, but in order for eco friendly cars to become a realistic option for people there needs to be an infrastructure already in place. What Ennis town council have done with this scheme is provided a further incentive to its residence, to go electric.

Its a great step forward and one we can foresee being replicated throughout the country within the next few years.