Introducing the ALEX eRoadster

Irish company Swift Composite Prototypes have announce they are about to enter the electric car market with the ALEX eRoadster. 


In recent years it has become more and more apparent that the future of the motor industry will largely be based on electric vehicles, we have seen this through the growth in popularity of hybrid cars and the impressive rise of electrical cars companies such as Tesla who have experienced huge growth in only a few short years. It is this popularity and growth that has allowed Swift Composite too confidently enter the electric car market.

The ALEX eRoadster is expected to be an affordable electric car option, with the company hoping it will only cost consumers around €30,000. The company also hope to have a prototype ready as early as mid 2016, with full production beginning in late 2016. 

The design itself will take inspiration from the Lotus 7 and will include some impressive features such as solar roof panels which will offer an additional power boost and scissor doors & roof. The car itself will be made from carbon fibre which will help keep it as light as possible and in turn allowing the best possible range. The company believe that by making the car from carbon fibre they can make it up to 30% lighter than the average car, but it will actually be stronger and safer as a result.

To find out more about the ALEX eRoadster check out Swift Composite Prototypes website!